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Our founders met at Chicago Booth and come from backgrounds in online wealth advisory, treasury risk management, consulting to finance and factoring companies, ERP architecture, analytics, strategy and project delivery for multi-national Fortune 500 companies, and Big 4 public accounting. As a team, we believe in the opportunity of bringing technology and analytics to asset-based lending. Most importantly, we share a vision of increasing access to high-quality credit solutions for small businesses.


Taking out a loan can be an intimidating process. You see phrases, acronyms, and percentages, while all you really care about is how much will this cost me? At Tavalor, we have lifted the fog around taking out a loan. Every potential fee is described in clear bold terms to make sure you understand the product that we offer and the total cost of financing your small business with us. Your payment schedule is clearly laid out before finalizing the loan to help you visualize what the payments will look like. Transparency means that there will be honesty and clarity during the entire financing life cycle.


We know that there is not a one-size-fit-all solution when it comes to financing a small business; each small business has a unique story and team. At Tavalor, we understand that a one-of-a-kind business deserves a personalized loan. Our flexible product offering will be designed with your business in mind. Whether it is a term loan to pay for inventory during a busy season, or a receivables-based line of credit to get cash on outstanding invoices, Tavalor has a tailored offering for you.


By using the industry gold standard in security, disclosure and data encryption, Tavalor’s commitment to your protection is our number one priority. Any questions and concerns that you may have will receive assistance in a timely manner.


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